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Bhapi Doi

Steamed Milk Pudding

  • Heat None
  • Serves 4
  • Dietary Info VEGETARIAN
  • Prep 5 mins
  • Cook 25 mins
Bhapi Doi

Hari says

Bhapi Doi is one of the easiest puddings to make and it's great for a dinner party because you can make it in advance. It's simply a steamed milk pudding that originates from Bengali cuisine. The Bengali's love rich sweet dishes and this doesn't disappoint. It has the texture of a panna cotta or a cheese cake but what is unique it that it has a slight yoghurt tang which is wonderful. Traditionally it is made with a cardamom flavouring and saffron for a little colour but you can flavour it however you like. 

The little pots would be steamed (Bhap) on the hob or in the oven which is what I tend to do. I love to serve them with a tangy raspberry sauce that works beautifully with the creamy sweetness of this pudding. You will love it!

  • Ingredients
  • Method
  • 100ml condensed milk
  • 100ml greek yoghurt
  • 100ml double cream
  • 2 tsp rose water or seeds from half a vanilla pod or ½ tsp of cinnamon or ½ tsp cardamom

Raspberry Sauce

  • 200g raspberries (frozen or fresh)
  • 20g sugar
  • 2 tbsp water
  • ½ lime


  1. Heat your oven to 100°C.
  2. Whisk all the ingredients in a large glass bowl.
  3. Pour into individual ramakins and place them into a roasting tray. Fill the tray with water until it comes half up the sides of the ramekins.
  4. Cover with clingfilm the tray with clingfilm.
  5. Very carefully place the tray in the oven to steam for about 25 minutes or until set. Once ready they should have the consistency of panna cotta.
  6. Remove the cling film and leave to cool. Refrigerate for a few hours before serving.

Raspberry Sauce

  1. Empty the raspberries into a pan with the water, sugar and a squeeze of lime.
  2. Cook on a gentle heat for about 10 minutes until the fruit has broken down and the sugar has dissolved.
  3. Push the fruit through a fine sieve or strainer to remove the seeds.
  4. Pour over the bhapi doi just before serving.

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“ Thank you for printing this recipe for my delicious Bhapi Doi ”


Comments (2)

  • Rosie


    15 September 2018 at 17:50 |
    I made this as a dessert for a dinner party recently. It was so delicious I could have happily eaten it all my self. I didn't make the sauce though as I had been experimenting with a femented raspberry sauce using fresh raspberries, honey and a little whey left over from making the paneer. They worked really well together. . . and just to be even more decadent I served them with the chocolate cinamon balls. Total hit from everybody. Thank you for the recipes Hari, they are great!


    • Hari Ghotra

      Hari Ghotra

      20 September 2018 at 14:06 |
      Hi Rosie Thanks so much for trying these - I love them and they are sooooo easy to make. Wow served with cinnamon chocolate balls - now that is a dessert. Really happy to hear you enjoyed them. Loving the fermented raspberry sauce idea as well. Next time take some pictures and share them with me on the app. They community would love to see your dishes!


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