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Curry seems to have a bit of a bad rap among health freaks and I think this could well be because of people’s experiences with (low quality) curry houses. We’ve all had that one takeaway where the paper bag is virtually disintegrating from the amount of oil spilling out of the boxes.

When you cook Indian food at home you have more control over what goes in your curry. For example, you can substitute cream for yoghurt, or you can make as much rice as you need, rather than feeling you need to eat a whole tray of it just because you know if won’t keep.

The Indian diet is largely vegetarian, and many Indian curries contain an absolute ton of veg - onions, tomato, chilli, garlic and ginger make up the basis of most. What’s more, the spices used in Indian food have been proven to be good for your health - did you know that turmeric is a natural anti-inflammatory? The humble Rogan Josh is basically Ibuprofen in curried form!

What’s more, although some curries do have red meat (usually in the form of lamb), pretty much any protein in Indian food can be substituted for a healthier option. For example, tofu is lovely in a Biryani! Check below for more healthy Indian recipes.

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