The year is jam-packed with special occasions of all kinds. From birthdays to Easter to Christmas to weddings and more. Of course, with these occasions usually comes a lot of food. That means a lot of time spent planning, prepping, and cooking meals for a lot of people. If that’s something you’ll be responsible for, you know how important it is to get something great out on the table for everyone to enjoy.

With the vast variety of food within Indian cuisine it’s always possible to find the perfect culinary accompaniment to the occasion. Dealing with a kid’s birthday party? Time to whip up some Indian sweets. Filling up the table with dinner guests? What’s better than a hearty curry packed full of flavour? Family dinner on Boxing Day? I’ve got some great recipes for leftover turkey.

There’s not a single occasion where you can’t bring a bit of Indian flavour to the table. Have a browse through my recipes and it won’t be long before you find the perfect fit.

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Hari Ghotra