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I’m a real foodie and I love experimenting in the kitchen. I was born in England and have lived here all my life, but my parents grew up in India and I have embraced my culinary heritage with both arms. Caught in between two worlds, I have cherry-picked the best bits of both and often mix and match Indian and British food with ingredients you may not immediately associate together…but they work!

Let’s create some beautiful Indian-style pie dishes together - you’ll be amazed at the results! Just imagine the warming aromatic spices and fiery flavours of Indian food, all wrapped up in the comforting form of a classic British pie dish.

For quick and easy midweek meals, you really can’t beat one of my pie recipes. Trust me, they will soon become dinnertime favourites in your house, just like they are in mine! So roll up your sleeves, get your apron on and get stuck in! Every step of the way, I’ll help you create a pie that pleases everyone.

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Hari Ghotra