It might sound odd to many people to suggest a curry altogether without heat. There’s hardly any other cuisine in the world that isn’t more associated with the words ‘hot’ and ‘spicy’. People even make a point of impressing upon their friends the hottest curries they can handle. Nevertheless, it’s entirely possible to make a no-heat curry that tastes absolutely amazing. I guarantee you won’t miss the spice at all!

There are plenty of people around who can’t have too much spice for medical reasons too. Even a slightly sensitive stomach can make eating just a tiny piece of chilli an unbearable experience. With the list of no-heat recipes below, you’ll be able to cater for people who don’t like hot food, and ensure they don’t miss out on your amazing cooking.

Take a look through my recipes below and you’ll be sure to find something excellent you can cook without the need of heat. There are plenty of dishes from all over the world that don’t include chilli or spice, so take inspiration and whizz up a superb curry.

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Hari Ghotra