Kids Party Food Ideas

Kids’ parties are great. It’s always a joy to see my little ones running around and having fun with their friends. For children the most important thing about a party is the food (after the party games, of course!). And trust me, kids party food does not need to revolve around dry sausage rolls and crumbly crisps.

Why not try mini vegetable samosas, some easy-to-eat Bhajis, or a plate full of yummy Pakora? At the end of the day, kids’ party food needs to be finger food. It should be tasty bitesize morsels they can eat over giggles and chatter, but it also needs to be healthy and delicious!

There is a plethora of great kids’ party food ideas just waiting to be explored. Have a browse through my pages to find your inspiration.

Why not try getting your children in the kitchen with you when you’re preparing the food for your kid’s party? I love to cook with my children. It’s always fun and it’s a great way to teach them about healthy eating from an early age.

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Hari Ghotra