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How to Cook a Great Goan

Goan cuisine is a beautiful mix of many influences.

How to Cook a Great Goan

Goa is located on the west coast of India and the food is influenced by the many different cultures this region has been subjected to. From Hindu origins, to 400 years of Portuguese colonisation, a little French attitude as well as classic Indian style. There is a mixture of religions, languages and groups of people that have made this area of India so diverse with a beautiful culinary style. The Portuguese brought potatoes, chillies, cashews to Goa from South America which are now an everyday part of this cuisine.

Goan food is simply put together, it's fresh and created through the use of fragrant spice pastes. It utilises classic ingredients from the local area from great seafood and coconut as well as spices such as kokum to create the cuisine and curry that is special to this area. The flavours are a delicate balancing act between sour, sweet, salt and spice and heat. Much of the food here is fish and seafood based with Kingfish, Pomfret, crab, prawns all being part of everyday eating. Some classic dishes from this region are the Vindaloo, fish curry and Xacuti. 

Hindu Goan cuisine, in general is pescatarian (fish only) or vegetarian with the use of jaggery, tamarind, some Indian spices with a lesser amount of onions and garlic then other Indian cooking. Catholic Goan cuisine in a fusion of Portuguese and Indian dishes where Coconut vinegar called Toddy vinegar is used as the souring element.


 is located on the west coast of India

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