Drinks can really make or break a party. Christmas is usually covered with port or a bottle of fizz, a birthday is all the better for something a little harder, while graduation celebrations call for a bottle of champagne somewhere in the mix. Of course it’s also good to try something a bit different. Along with a few classics such as mulled wine and the classic Bellini, I’ve also got a string of Lassi-based cocktails (or dirty Lassis as I call them!). If you don’t know what Lassi is, it’s a delicious yoghurt-based Indian drink that’s incredibly popular, and I think you’ll really love these twists.

Originally from the Punjab, it was often sweetened with honey for use in Dharmic religious rituals. It’s also been said to cure gastroenteritis if you add in some turmeric powder thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. Sweetened with fruit or seasoned with spices like cardamom, you can create some beautifully unusual concoctions. It’s a great way add some extra Indian authenticity to your next soiree.

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Hari Ghotra