Indian Fruit Recipe Ideas

Fruits are used more in Southern Indian cuisine, where the food tends to be a bit more sweet and rich. 

India is a huge country that its southernmost point stretches nearly all the way down to the equator. This gives the southern provinces a much more tropical climate compared to the arid conditions of the north, which of course means more tropical fruit.

Many South Indian curries use coconut in the same way that it’s used in Thai cuisine. My Xacuti Chicken is a family favourite from the Goan region that balances the zing and spice of Kashmiri chillies with sweet, desiccated coconut.

In the north of India the use of fruit is usually reserved for chutneys, sweets and drinks. For example, mango is used in the classic mango chutney and also in Lassi – a traditional yoghurt drink often sweetened with fruit.

Check out my Indian fruit recipes below.

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