Gluten Free Indian Recipes

If you feel that your food intolerances or allergies restrict the variety of your diet, it’s time you discovered gluten free Indian food!

Gluten is a protein predominantly found in wheat, but it’s also present in oats, barley and rye and it can cause a range of symptoms if your body is sensitive to it or you have coeliac disease- But you may have found your saving grace in Indian food! If you cook with me, we’ll hardly ever be using oats, rye or barley, and I generally only use wheat flour when I’m thickening sauces or making Roti and Naan.

When thickening sauces you can easily swap wheat flour for gram flour, rice flour, corn starch or you favourite gluten-free flour blend. And it’s even possible to use cornmeal instead of wheat flour when making dough for Indian-style breads!

Gluten free recipes needn’t be a hassle to prepare! Dive in to my pages and scout out the meals that’ll send your taste buds tingling, whether you follow a gluten-free diet or not!

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Hari Ghotra