Indian Recipes with Lentils

Pulses are pure magic, especially lentils. They’re high-protein, high-fibre, fat-free, low-calorie little gems of goodness. What’s more, they’re easy to cook with, cheap to buy and super delicious!

Dhal is a dish made up almost entirely of lentils and is a fundamental element of Indian eating— it can be the heart of a whole meal or just form part of a tasty side-dish.

But lentil recipes aren’t just endless streams of different types of Dhal. Lentils feature regularly in Indian cooking on the whole and can be found in anything from curries, stews, soups to flat breads and (savoury) doughnuts!

For a healthy way to fill up hungry tummies, leaving your family and friends wanting more, add my Indian lentil recipes to your list of go-to meals!

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