Indian Turkey Recipe Ideas

Considering the turkey is indigenous to the Americas - pretty much the furthest you can get away from India - it works a treat with a curry. My Indian turkey recipes all show how you can incorporate this bit of poultry into the next storm you cook up in the kitchen. Just because it’s not a common occurrence at your local Indian restaurant doesn’t mean it’s not delicious!

What’s even better is that some of my Indian turkey recipes involve using your leftovers, so they’re great for avoid wasting any food – perfect for those post-Christmas meals. Turkey is just as versatile as chicken as well, so there’s plenty to do with it.

On top of all that, turkey is pretty good for you. Low in fat, high in protein, and there’s plenty of iron and zinc too. It’s even said to be good for your cholesterol, so it’s great if you’re looking for some healthy options for your diet.

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Hari Ghotra