Indian Recipes with Prawns

Looking for ideas to incorporate prawns into your next Indian meal? You’ve come to the right place. Indian prawn dishes have been around for a very long time – being found in places such as Goa and Kerala. This delicious type of shellfish is an excellent addition to any meal.
I’ve put together a list of my Indian prawn curry recipes below for you to browse. They’re useful for inspiration as well, so feel free to get adapt them - be as adventurous and inventive as you like! In India, fresh prawns are usually used for a curry, but you can also get dried prawns, which are equally delicious.

Replacing lamb or chicken with prawns can also be a good way to keep your pescetarian friends and family happy. Not only that, but prawns are really good for you too. They’re an excellent low fat way to get some protein, and there’s a whole load of calcium and vitamins in there too. What can beat something healthy and tasty?

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Hari Ghotra