Indian Soup Recipes

We know that Asian flavours work with soups - just look at the Vietnamese Pho or Japanese Kare Lomen. For some reason though, Indian soup never really features on a typical curry house menu.

This is quite strange considering we were eating Mulligatawny as far back as the Victorian times. Well, let me tell you, I want to get Indian soup back on the menu.

Indian soups are called Shorba and they are packed full of chilli and warming spices that help fight off colds and sniffles. In India, when the weather turns and there's a chill in the air your will find the shorba carts rolling into the chilly streets. A traditional shorba is more of a consomme (a thin, watery soup that is very, very flavoursome) rather than the thick soups we are used to in the west. They tend to be served as drinks in small clay cups which warm your hands, your insides and your soul. They can also be served with rice as a winter warmer. Spicy

Spicy shorba's come from north India and originated in Mughal cuisine. The spices used are all about warming your insides so lots of ginger, garlic, chilli and garam masala's. I love these soups and in my eyes, there is nothing more perfect than Indian flavours for a warming soup. When the weather’s grey, cold and miserable outside what better way to brighten up your life with a splash of tang and a pinch of spice? My mum would make me Athrak Soup whenever I was feeling a bit under the weather and needed a little pick me up.

So just like the soups in India, the ingredients in these soup recipes are also renowned for fighting everyone’s worst winter time enemy - those pesky cold and flu bugs. I have also given you the option to have them as a thicker soup or as a traditional shorba.

Check out my Indian soup recipes below.

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