Spring Recipe Ideas

For me, spring recipes are all about freshness and zing! We’re just on our way out of the bitter winter where the dinner table has been mostly populated by soups, stews and comfort food… but it’s not quite salad season, so we need something in between.

That’s why Indian food is the perfect choice for spring. A lightly sauced, medium curry like my Chicken Jalfrezi can bridge the gap between the stodgy comfort of typically British winter fare and the lightness of the summer barbecue. And Bombay Aloo is a great alternative to roast potatoes.

There are also some typically spring ingredients that you might not expect to feature in Indian cuisine. For example, asparagus is absolutely delicious in the springtime. I love to serve it lightly grilled with a couple of simple Indian spices that accentuate its savoury signature taste.

Check out more of my tasty spring recipes below.

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Hari Ghotra