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The knives every chef needs

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Monday, 07 December 2015

The knives every chef needs

As a chef I have an irrational love for knives! This doesn’t mean I will go and spend a fortune on them but I do feel that having a decent tool is very important. Personally (and this is only my opinion) I love Japanese ones – they are balanced, have a great weight and because of the layers of steel used to make them, they stay sharp with the blade looking beautiful.

I would recommend you have three knives in your drawer:

Chef's Knife

This you will use the most, for all your chopping. The blade is usually 15-20cm long (but I prefer a shorter one just because that suits me). This is the Yaxell Ran Santoku Knife I use almost exclusively. I love it.

Paring Knife

These are really great for any detailed work, like for taking the tops off vegetables, de-veining prawns, and preparing small fruits and vegetables.

Serrated Knife

A good serrated knife is a must in the kitchen. Perfect for bread, carving meat, tough-skinned fruit and vegetables.

To see all of this in action I teamed up with kitchenware specialists Steamer Trading to put this little video together:

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