Ayurveda - The Three Doshas

Being healthy isn’t just about your diet.

Monday, 13 July 2015

Ayurveda - The Three Doshas

It’s about having a holistic approach to your personal wellbeing. We all need to understand what food is right for us, as well as the right amount of exercise, but it’s important to give your body and mind the opportunity to relax and rejuvenate too. Getting this balance right is a very individual thing, after all we are all very different.

Ayurveda – the 5,000-year-old ‘science of life’ - can give each of us the right insight and tools to live happy and healthy lives. It is based on five elements and the three ‘doshas’ they form. According to Ayurveda the doshas are within us all, although each of us have our own balance of them. There are certain foods associated with each one.

The infographic below details the characteristics of each dosha. You should be able to work out which ones are dominant in your life. From there you can see which recipes are best suited to your personality and try them out. Enjoy!

Ayurveda infographic July 2015

Infographic provided by Hari Ghotra

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    Yogic Wellness Secrets

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    Loved the informative presentation


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