Curry Kit Reviews

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Thursday, 27 November 2014

Curry Kit Reviews

As you know I have been working away for the last few years to get all of you in the kitchen and get you cooking and experiencing delicious Indian food in anyway I can. I'm also on a bit of a mission to show that Indian food isn't unhealthy, when cooked properly its healthy, nutritious and delicious.

From coming to your homes and bringing the food with me, to breaking down recipes to unveil the mystique that surrounds Indian food and filming a few videos so you can cook along with me at your convenience.

In the background I have also been very slowly formulating my lovely little curry kits to make it even easier for you to cook delicious Indian food at home.

The Curry Kits

The story behind these beautiful little kits is that they are not about convenience food, they are not the same as opening up a jar of gloopy sauce and pouring that over a bit of rice for your dinner. These kits are about making it easier for you to cook proper Indian food by giving you the right quantities of ingredients. I've personally selected the spices so I know they're good. There are individual numbered bags containing the spices for each of the stage of the cooking with easy to follow instructions - The Haynes manual for cooking a curry if you like (for those of you who have no idea what a Haynes manual is, it's like a dummy's how to guide).

The main purpose of my curry kit is to get you to experience cooking great Indian food all by yourself. They are about introducing new and exciting spices, unique ingredients and different cooking styles that you may never have used before. But most importantly they are about getting you excited about cooking.
Each kit has a QR code that you can scan with your smart phone taking you directly to the relevant recipe page on my website, where I have a step by step method and video of how to create the dish. Hopefully this will help you to cook the dish but if you have any questions please do contact me or post a comment.

I really want you to pull out your dusty pestle and mortars from the back of your cupboard and crush those lovely whole spices and start to experience the amazing aromatics that you get from frying spices.

spicekit pestle blog

I want you to cook these dishes with your kids, mush up the weird looking stuff in packet 3, have a giggle and enjoy the process of putting your food together. I think cooking is about love and passion and that's what I want you to feel when you use these curry kits. Just think of them as a little gift from me to you.

Trying the kits out

To make sure I was doing it right (and to share some delicious food of course) I picked a few very lucky people to give my Curry Kits a go! Here's what they had to say....

"There is absolutely no way I could have cooked this by simply looking at any one of my recipe books; the detail I needed just isn't there. I would encourage anyone who likes the idea of cooking Indian food to check out Hari's site, you won't be disappointed." Mr Hubby of You Baby Me Mummy

First up was Mr Hubby a self-confessed Indian food lover and I'm sure he won't mind me saying a slightly inexperienced chef in the Indian kitchen. Nevertheless he gave the kit a go and the result look very pleasing to me. See how he got on and what he really thought of the kits. You Baby Me Mummy

I was so happy to read a very entertaining introduction from Daddycamo. I loved how he evolved the recipe to suit his families needs which is what cooking is all about. Read about his Curry Kit experience with some lovely pictures of the cooking in action Daddycamo 
I'm so pleased to hear that for Chris ".....this dish was absolutely incredible to taste and one of the best curry dishes I have had in many years." Daddycamo. Now that really is a compliment if ever I heard one.

I love cooking with my kids, not only is it a great activity to do together, it also teaches them a basic life skill and gets them interested in what they are eating. Thats why I was thrilled to see that Mark got his boys in on the curry kit action. I was even more excited to hear that "Luca loved smelling the spices as much as he did grinding them up." Now that made me smile to hear that the curry made Mark and the boys smile. Read more about how they got on at The adventures of Sonny and Luca

Thank to everyone who tried the kits and to everyone else, they will be available soon!

If reading this has made you hungry I know a great Indian food website.....

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