Diwali: Expectation VS Reality

Diwali, the festival of lights, is the most important Indian holiday.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Diwali: Expectation VS Reality

he origins of Diwali vary depending on who you ask. The festival carries the same general meaning today as Christmas – a time to celebrate wealth, prosperity and the triumph of good over evil.

It’s actually a Hindu festival, but we Sikhs celebrate Bandi Chhor Divas on the same day, which is the anniversary of when Guru Hargobind – one of the ten Sikh gurus who founded the religion – freed himself from Mughal oppressors and returned to Amritsar.

Diwali is meant to be this peaceful and beautiful celebration. Indian Diwali greetings cards will usually have a cute little Indian kid looking angelic and holding up a tea light.

In my experience, the reality of Diwali is very different…

EXPECTATION: Beautiful and enchanting light displays.

real diwali 8 

REALITY: This fire hazard in Coventry.

real diwali 16 

EXPECTATION: Cute Indian kids lighting pretty candles.

real diwali 3 

REALITY: Give the children explosives.

real diwali 6 

EXPECTATION: Glorious open-air fireworks displays.

real diwali 12 

REALITY: Just this.

real diwali 7 

EXPECTATION: An inclusive celebration that defies the boundaries of race and religion.

real diwali 5 

REALITY: Dad invites 'Uncle Terry' who sits in the corner all evening looking terrified.

real diwali 2 

EXPECTATION: An opulent banquet of rich and varied Indian dishes.

real diwali 1 

REALITY: Aunty’s yellow dhal (maybe roti if you’re lucky).

real diwali 9 

EXPECTATION: A soundtrack of beautifully bewitching sitar.

real diwali 4 

REALITY: Uncle Gurvinder gets pissed and bangs a drum.

real diwali 10 

There's just nothing like an Indian family do! Happy Diwali, everyone! 

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