Making Samosas

“Mum! It’s India Day at school and I’ve nominated YOU to come in and do some cooking!”

Monday, 04 August 2014

Making Samosas



Thanks, kids. Nice one. But as the panic subsided I realised actually what a brilliant way it would be to introduce kids to new cultures, new ideas and new flavours. And do all that via the humble little triangle that is the Samosa.

I love these little things. After years of experimenting I’ve found they should be crispy yet soft, filled with chunks of potatoes (definitely not mash) and peas. No meat. You can get them with it in, but I just don’t think it works. Then just make sure it’s all lightly spiced with a little kick of chilli. Perfect.

Yes, they are a labour of love which is why they’re only really served at weddings and celebrations. I have wonderful memories of family parties where my aunties, friend’s mums, grandmas - in fact most of the ladies - all crowding into the kitchen and forming a production line to make them. The gossip, the giggling, and all the joy of the world would be mixed into these pastries.

So anyway, back to the school. All the kids listened attentively as we worked together to make the pastry and chop up the chunks of potato. It was quite wonderful to see them engrossed in the ingredients, the food, the smells and the cooking. I even got them to taste some of the spices which most loved, and a few didn’t…!


They took their time grinding the spices, chatting away as they mixed the filling, laughing as they sploshed the ‘glue’ around (flour and water, that is, not acrylic…), and just enjoying each other’s company while they did something new and different.


They learned how much filling to put in, how to fold the pastry to make perfect triangles and how to seal them tight (I took control of the frying, of course). They all created some wonderful, fun and delicious food and we shared a fantastic couple of hours together.


So if kids can make Samosas then so can you. Just remember to make them with friends, with love and – as we’re all adults here – a glass or two of something to aid the giggling. Lesson over!

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