Marketing Magazine

I am pretty chuffed to be featured in Marketing Magazine and on the home page no less!

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Marketing Magazine

Throughout my career Marketing Magazine has been a great source of information and an intrinsic part of keeping up with what's new and exciting in the world of marketing so to be featured in the magazine is very special indeed.

Over the past few months having moved from the corporate world of Marketing for Tesco (where I worked for 13 years in many different functions) to setting up Hari Ghotra there have a been a few sharp learnings I can tell you.

The article has been a great opportunity to share some of my thoughts and ideas so please do check out the article on the link below about my move from the corporate world of Marketing to doing something for myself and how to survive the first year.

One entrepreneur's journey from Tesco marketer to Indian cookery school.


I really hope you enjoy it and I would love to here you thoughts so please do let me know what you think.

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