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How to Cook a Great Dhansak

Dhansak has its origins in a Parsee (Iranian Middle Eastern, Persia) dish and includes elements of Guajarati cuisine.

How to Cook a Great Dhansak

This is due to the Parsee people who originated in Iran migrating to the Gujarati region in the 10 Century after years of persecution. It’s a very special dish usually presented at feasts or family Sunday dinners. The “dhan” element means grain and the “sak” is the Gujarati word for stewed vegetables.

Traditionally the dish is always prepared with mutton but restaurants today use lamb, chicken and prawns. In total the best way to describe this dish is hot, sweet and sour one-pot lamb stew. The hot comes from groun dried red chillies, the sweet coming from the pumpkin or squash and sometimes a little sugar (the Gujarati’s have a real sweet tooth) and the sourness from tamarind or lemon juice. All the elements create a healthy rustic meal with a thick rich gravy with contrasting textures of the lentils and vegetables and wonderfully tender lamb.

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