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How to Cook a Great Goat Curry

Goat is a very popular world wide meat with about 70% of the worlds population eating it.

How to Cook a Great Goat Curry

The meat comes from the domestic goat and has a distinctive flavour which is fairly strong and almost gamey. It is cooked in many different ways but to ensure the meat is tender it needs to be cooked gently for a long time.

It is probably best known in African, Middle Eastern, North African, Indian, Nepali, Pakistani, Mexican, and Caribbean cuisine.  

Types of Goat Dishes

Indian curry

Goat is often called mutton in India. It is the preferred meat to lamb because it is lean and is suited to long slow cooking which produces a rich gravy. Dishes such as mutton curry, mutton biryani use goat meat as the key ingredient. In West Bengal, traditional meat dishes such as kosha mangsho and rezala are cooked using meat from a "Khashi" or a castrated goat.
You can substitute goat meat in lamb dishes but it needs to be cooked for much longer.


"Curry goat" (not goat curry) is a common traditional stewed Indo-Caribbean dish cooked with spices gently with a few spices, onions and scotch bonnet peppers.


Goat meat is a real delicacy in Nepal. They will sacrifice the castratated (Khasi-ko-masu) and uncastrated (Boka-ko-masu) goats during Dashain. This is the largest annual celebrations in the country. Other dishes include - Bhutun is made from the gut, Rakhti from the blood, Karji-marji from the liver and lungs, Khutti the feet are often made into soup. Sukuti is a kind of jerky, while Sekuwa is made from roasted meat and often eaten with alcoholic beverages. This meat is also often used in momos, thukpa, chow-mein and many other dishes.


Goat or 'Cabrito' is a real specialty in many of the Latin cuisines such as Mexican, Peruvian, Brazilian, and Argentine. Again they would generally roast the meat slowly.

Central Europe

Roasted goat is a key part of the celebrations in countries such as Greece and Southern Italian during Easter. It is also fried, braised and or breaded in the alpine regions of central Europe, Bavaria and Tyrol.


In Tanzania, a ceremonial goat or Ndafu would be gutted and roasted as whole this is a long running tradition and has the same significance as a wedding cake in many regions around the world.


Goat meat is served raw in thin slices as yagisashi.

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