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How to Cook a Great Pork Curry

Pork is not a meat that is used widely in India.

How to Cook a Great Pork Curry

Due to various religious and cultural differences (and that it’s quite a fatty meat), pork doesn't seem to feature too frequently on an Indian menu.

That being said, there are a number of areas throughout India where pork is consumed regularly. These tend to be in the Christian areas, namely south India, Goa, Kerala and Bengal.

There are some classic dishes such as the Vindaloo (from Goa) that is made with pork and potatoes. In the Coorg region of Bangalore, pork is seen as somewhat of a delicacy and the famous Pandi curry is a real favourite over there.

I’ve made it a bit of a personal mission to explore the local dishes from that region (because I really like pork) and boy, is that a project I’m enjoying.

Vietnam, Thailand, Japan and China all have some amazing spiced pork curries as well. Many of these are cooked with fresh local ingredients and softened with creamy coconut milk. And for the record, Japanese curries very much originate from the British version of 'a curry' rather than anything found in India.

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