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How to Cook a Great Prawn Curry

Prawns are light yet meaty, and have a wonderful sweetness that I think works really well with Indian food.

How to Cook a Great Prawn Curry

The perfect Indian prawn dish has to have a chilli kick, an fruity zing and a gentle, sweet flavour. And because prawns take no time at all to cook they make a fantastic midweek dinner too.

Types of Prawn

When cooking a prawn curry I always use Tiger or King prawns which are warm water prawns. They are bigger, thicker, sweeter and just more suited to being cooked. Cold water prawns are smaller and work better in cold dishes, such as salads and in wraps. To get the balance of flavours in a prawn curry dish there are a number of ingredients you need to have in your cupboard:

  • For the zing - tamarind, fresh lemon, limes
  • For the warmth - coconut milk For the heat - fresh red chillies, chilli flakes
  • For the spice - garlic, mustard seeds, turmeric
  • For the freshness - fresh coriander

Prawns have been over-fished for many years so try to eat them as a treat. And if you do enjoy seafood remember you can try many curry recipes with other more sustainable types of seafood, such as mussels or clams.

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