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How to Cook a Great Vegetable Curry

Being a vegetarian is commonplace in India.

How to Cook a Great Vegetable Curry

They range from vegetable-based, lentil-based, paneer- and flour -based dishes so there’s a huge range to choose from.

Indian vegetarian food is amongst some of the best meat-free food you can get and it makes for a great balanced diet. I’m quite particular about my vegetable curries as it's not just about throwing in all the vegetables you have into a curry sauce. The dish needs to be a bit more considered than that.

There are some classic vegetable curries which use key spices tempered in oil to release their heady, earthy aromatics and there are others that are quick fry dishes. Some require a delicate masala and others a thick robust sauce.

And the vegetable choices are massive, from the wonderful hexagonal okra to the kerela to the bitter gourd, from beans, pulses and lentils to… well, there are just so many amazing ways to cook them all and mix them with other ingredients too.

I think that if you want to go vegetarian, then make sure you do it in an Indian style and you’ll never look back!

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