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Beetroot (Chaukandar)

Beetroot is the tap root part of the beet plant which is related to spinach and chaad so the leaves and the roots can be eaten.

Beetroot (Chaukandar)

The leaves have a bitter flavour but the roots are sweet and can be used to make sugar. The beets com in a range of varieties from purple (which is using as a food colouring) to yellow and white. Beetroot is a bit of a super vegetable that is low in fat, packed full of vitamins and minerals with a high level of antioxidant properties (plus it tastes great)! 

It is rich is Glutamine and betalains which support enzymes in the liver that help neutralise toxins so is a key vegetable that helps support your natural liver function to rid your body of toxins.

Beetroot doesn't just come in the bright purple variety, there's a whole rainbow of colours from a sunny golden yellow to a deep crimson colour. They vary slightly in their sweetness and are just wonderful in salads and great to pickle too.

Using Beetroot in Indian Cooking

This is used in many Indian dishes from curries to chutneys. It's naturally high levels of sugar makes it ideal for use in sweet dishes such as Halwa and it's colour for use as a natural food colouring. It can be boiled, roasted and fried and works beautifully with spices such as fennel and is great with a little chilli too.


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