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Coriander Seeds (Thania)

Coriander Seeds (Thania)

Using Coriander Seeds (Thania) in Indian Cooking

Coriander seeds are round in shape with a creamy brown colour. It may sound obvious but the are the are the fruit of the coriander plant. This being said the flavour of the spice is completely different to the flavour to the leaf and the two are used in very different ways.

The seeds should be stored whole and crushed as and when required to gain the full impact of the flavour. It is also thought that other properties of the coriander seeds include helping to reduce cholesterol and boiled coriander water is used as a natural remedy for colds.

Coriander seeds can be used as a whole spice or as a crushed powder. As a seed the aromatic released gives a warming, gentle citrus flavour with a nutty texture. This can be amplified by lightly toasting the spice.

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