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Using Fish in Indian Cooking

Predominately fish used in South Indian or costal cooking with some wonderful pungent spice pastes. Bengali cuisine also features a selection of fish dishes. From sea fish through to river fish some dishes are very specific to distinct areas. Key dishes include masala dishes, fried fish such as pakora as well as tandoori flavoured and pan fried.

Always buy fish that is really really fresh ideally from a fishmonger but there also some great online store you can buy from.

Key pointers when buying fish:


1. Ensure the meat or flesh looks beautifully shiny and the skin almost metallic and clean looking.

2. The fillets shouldn’t smell fishy.

3. Check the moisture if its has some liquid in it it should be clear and not milky.

4. Pressing the flesh with your fingers - your fingerprint should disappear

Whole Fish

1. The eyes should be really clear and bright if they are white or faded the fish may be past its prime.

2. The body should be shiny and clean

3. The gills should look a lovely bright red colour.

4. It should smell fresh.

Health Benefits of Fish

1. oily fish (such as mackerel and sardines)

2. White fish (such as cod and bass)

These are both are a tremendous source of vitamins and minerals. They are full of omega-3 fatty acids and it is recommended that you should eat fish at least once or twice a week can help protect you against depression, heart disease, arthritis and even some forms of cancer.

Sustainable Fishing

Intensive fishing practices have had a huge impact on our fish levels over the last few years so its really important that we buy fish that is sourced responsibly.

Indian Cooking

Many people think that Indian spices and Indian flavours are too much for fish but there are some classic fish curry dishes that are pretty good - from fish pakora to pilchard curry to some lovely marinade fish dishes. They all work and are delicious.


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