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Green Cardamom (Elachi)

Green Cardamom (Elachi)

Using Green Cardamom (Elachi) in Indian Cooking.

These are small, green pods each containing about 20 black seeds, the pods themselves are quite fibrous but they can be used crushed, used whole or the seeds removed and pounded. They have a very distinct bitter sweet flavour and an intense aromatic perfume which you either love or hate. These are not really supposed to be consumed but instead used to infuse their flavour into food.

They should be stored whole as once the seeds are exposed they lose there aromatics very quickly.

Other uses include treating gum and teeth infections, as a breath freshener. They are also know to have properties that help to break up gallstones and kidney stones.

Indian Cooking

Commonly used in traditional Indian sweets, deserts, Indian chai and also in savoury meat dishes. It is also an important ingredient in some spice blends too.


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