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Using Pork in Indian Cooking

Pork is the most commonly eaten meat across the world with the pig being one of the oldest forms of livestock. The meat is consumed freshly cooked or preserved.

It yields an array of different meat types from crispy bacon, sausages, joints and mince - every part of the pig can be consumed.

Pork isn't the most popular meat in India which really comes down to religion and culture. There are however certain areas where it is regularly consumed such as Goa, Kerala, Bengal.


In general there are four main areas of the pig shoulder (front of the animal), loin (top), leg (back) and belly (underneath). Each of these area give rise to many different types of cuts which need to be cooked in different ways.


The shoulder give rise to shoulder steaks, mince, shoulder joint


These cuts are fairly lean - Loin chops, Loin fillet, Ribs, T-bone, Rib steaks


Leg steak, leg joint


This is the underside that is usually roasted slowly. To make sure you get a lovely crispy crackling, score the fat, dry out the skin with salt and then wipe away. Smear with a tiny bit of oil and sprinkle with rock salt.


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