Indian Grills

Indian food isn’t just about saucy curry - there are some great options for when you want to get your Indian grill on, too.

Many Indian dishes are cooked in a tandoor, which is essentially a big clay or metal pot with a fire stuck in the middle of it. It’s like a cross between a grill and an oven, with direct heat coming from the flames grilling the food and sustained heat from the chamber cooking it more slowly like an oven.

Food is cooked in a tandoor in a couple of ways. Either it’s slapped to the hot insides of the pot, or put on long skewers and simply stuck into the hole to cook.

There are loads of Indian grill recipes that work (almost) as well in a western oven as they do in a tandoor. Although I would personally recommend a barbecue, when it’s warm enough to use.

So the next time you’re pining for some grilled food, check out my recipes below and try something a little different.

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Hari Ghotra