Hari's Detox Guide

E-Book: Detox Guide

E-Book: Detox Guide

New year, new you and the dreaded annual detox is a hot topic once again – wasting away on super-juices, feeling physically and mentally exhausted and paying for every culinary sin committed in the last year is not something any of us relish.

Detox desires are fueled by reports of people feeling great on them, although it is thought the benefits are less about improved detoxification and more about simply cutting out the caffeine, alcohol and unhealthy snacks for a few weeks in favour of fresh, whole foods. In truth, an annual cleanse is not entirely necessary because when it comes to detoxification there are two important things to remember: firstly our bodies are naturally equipped to deal with toxins, and secondly this process happens year round, not just after Christmas.

Toxic load is something we should all be aware of because if you take on more toxins than your body can eliminate it will start to affect your health. Common symptoms of a high toxic load may include chronic itching, tiredness, bloating, headaches, skin issues and irritability. Certain foods and nutrients help the body to clear out toxins, including B vitamins, protein, bioflavonoids, glutathione and important minerals, but knowing which foods to focus on is not easy.

We have teamed up with Fig & Bloom to create this delicious and informative meal plan and nutrition guide, devised especially with foods and nutrients known to support natural detoxification, for a healthy new year and new you.

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