Mr Ghotra

With only 211 bottles produced, Mr Ghotra is one of the most unique single malts produced this year. By bringing together the science of aging Whisky and the art of blending Champagne, we have created something so spectacular that every whiskey connoisseur and amateur collector will revel in.

Originating from the tropical shores of Goa in India it's made from mashed Himalayan barley that's fermented and distilled in copper stills with the expertise and knowledge of Master Indian distillers from one of the biggest whiskey houses in the region. For three years this ‘new make spirit’ matured above ground to soak up the Indian sun and draw in all the wonderful elements of the Goan climate, the aromatics of old wooden bourbon casks to reveal a bold and superbly balanced golden spirit.

Mr Ghotra’s true uniqueness begins once he travels over 4,500 miles to France for a champagne makeover. For the next two years the liqueur ages in the exquisite Estate barrels of Ratafias Champenois, to reveal what can only be described as a spectacular single malt that harnesses all the bold attributes and strength of a true Indian whisky, with the gentle finesse of a delectable creamy French champagne.

Tasting notes: An intense, rich sun soaked bronze liquid with the scent of sweet Demerara caramel, cassia and honey. Results in a cacophony of warming spice on the palate ending with a crisp French citrus freshness. A long relaxing, smooth finish with an intense vanilla creme. Mr Ghotra makes the ideal accompaniment to a deep dark curry, spiced grilled fish, meat or vegetables, it is also sublime to sip with a luxurious decadent dessert.




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Hari Ghotra