Plating Like The Professionals

E-Book: Plating Like The Professionals

E-Book: Plating Like The Professionals

The presentation of your food is all about impressing the diner and making the plate look so visually stimulating that they just want to dive straight in.

The classic plating method was all about hosting 3 key elements, the main ingredient which was set at 6 o’clock, the starch between 9 and 12 o’clock and the vegetable between 12 and 3. This is still valid today but the key thing is to be creative, think about your plates and plan what it is going to look like. In reality there aren’t any strict rules, dos or don’ts.

Chefs have different ideas about what they like, for example some will say that everything on the plate should be edible, others say all garnishes should come from an element on the plate. I think that so long as your plate makes sense, it tastes good and looks beautiful then you’re winning.

Ultimately remember that this is your plate of food – it represents you – so you decide what you want to put on it!

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