Lockdown: Store Cupboard Recipes

E-Book: Lockdown: Store Cupboard Recipes 

E-Book: Lockdown: Store Cupboard Recipes 

I have had so many requests about what I would recommend you keep in your cupboards to ensure you can feed your families in an easy, cheap and healthy way through this lockdown period.

To help you out I have pulled together a few store cupboard ideas, planning tools and recipes for making dinner time more interesting for all the family. I have included interactive content, interesting information and stuff to help you get through everyday with a smile on your face .

This ebook contains over 60 fun recipes for lock down where you can use leftovers, store cupboard items and ideas to bulk out dishes all with a spice twist to make delicious meals. I have also thought about ways that you can:

  • Bulk up meals to make them go further for the whole family.
  • Use left overs better.
  • Ways that you can cook in bulk to make life easier.
  • Make cheap store cupboard items more interesting.
  • Fun lunch ideas for the kids.
  • Use different store cupboard items effectively

I've also included a number of fun dishes that you can inspire the kids to cook with you to get them involved and to inspire them into enjoy cooking.

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