Turmeric powder is used extensively in Indian cooking. It is also often used as a colourant. The spice has a warm, peppery taste with musky, earthy undertones. The most common way it is used is in powder form, but in some regions where it grows locally (such as in Maharashtra), the leaves of the plant are often used as a wrap for steaming food, particularly fish, as it cooks. This method imparts a distinct aromatic flavour. The fresh root can also be used like ginger, and in the Far East fresh turmeric pickle is a common dish. Even the flowers of the turmeric plant can be eaten and are used as an exotic and decorative vegetable.

Most Indian dishes include turmeric to give that iconic 'curry' colour, flavour and aroma. Be careful when you use it though as too much will give your food a slightly bitter and chalky aftertaste. Of course, you need to keep your clothes safe too as turmeric is a wonder spice, but it’s also a nightmare for stains!

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