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Cooking with Jimmy Hill

What it's like cooking with a youtube star - Mr Jimmy Hill

Sunday, 13 December 2015

Cooking with Jimmy Hill


Cooking with other people is one of my favourite pass times - not just because I'm a bit bossy in the kitchen but because I love sharing ideas and finding out how other people put dishes together.

Have a look at what Jimmy and I got up to - and don't forget to give us a little thumbs up!

Through my years of cooking with others, I have found that most people are terrified of cooking Indian food. I think this is partly because there is a fear of using spices and partly because they don't want to ruin the memory of the aromatic flavours they have experienced at their local Indian restaurant.

I had the pleasure of cooking with the wonderful Jimmy Hill, he's a proper youtube star, presenter of the daily Cereal Time show and 4Music and get this - he's an actual real-life Hari Ghotra fan!

jimmy hill blog3

It was great to have Jimmy in my kitchen, not only had he cooked a few of my dishes from the website but his knife skills were pretty good too. Little did I know he had actually grown up not to far from good old Wolverhampton so we got off to a flying start. Once we got past all the silly accents we did actually do some cooking.

jimmy hill blog4

I had discovered that he was a bit of a prawn fan so I knew he would love my amazing Tamarind Prawn dish cooked with fried Poori's. I love using tamarind with it's fruity, tangy flavours which are so common in South Indian seafood dishes. Tamarind is available so easily now but if like Jimmy you can't find it - I can become your tamarind dealer too.

tangy tamarind prawns blog

I wanted to give him a little alternative to the usual restaurant style lamb so I cooked my Karahi Lamb which was a total winner.

lamb karahi curry blog

And after throwing a few key spices around the kitchen (yes he really did) we made some Vegetable Pakora to nibble on while we had a good old heart to heart.

vegetable pakora blog

I had a real giggle with Jimmy and that's what cooking is all about, it purely what makes the food taste great - looks like Jimmy agreed too!

jimmy hill blog5

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