FA Cup Curry Kick Off

Hull vs Arsenal? Curry and a few beers? Oh yeah baby!

Friday, 16 May 2014

FA Cup Curry Kick Off

Even though most of us think Arsenal’s lot will walk it tomorrow, there’s still a slim chance battling Hull could grab the silverware and disappoint the Gunners for yet another year.

To be honest, I haven’t a clue what that last bit means (some of the guys here said it). For me, football is right up there with knitting when it comes to sporting interest BUT I do like to entertain and the 'Final' struck me as the perfect time for you – yes, you – to create some amazing Indian snacks and nibbles to keep everyone chipper.

Most of these dishes can be prepared the night before or even in the morning, whether you are watching inside or want to fire up the barbie (especially in this gorgeous sunshine), you won't need to miss a minute of the action. I’d quite happily miss all of it and read this week's Hello magazine but I’m going to get my husband to cook something if it’s the last thing I do! There, rant over.

Pre-match snack:

Lamb Kebabs are so quick, easy and delicious - just throw everything into a bowl, mix, then grill for half an hour. Then you can nibble on these before the game as a snack and the kids will love so make loads.

Nibble on:

Tandoori Chicken is a great recipe to prepare the night before or first thing on the day itself. Just pop the lot in the oven (or on the barbeque) around match-time.

Cheer the goals with:

Dirty Lassi. This adult take on the original Lassi drink and it’s a winner. Will it tempt the boys away from their beers? Who knows (but I’m guessing not…)? You could even freeze the Lassi mixture overnight to create Dirty Lassi ice cream. Wowzer.

Share with friends:

Lamb Madras is the perfect sharing curry. Just make up a big batch of it, leave to cook for an hour then serve with some of my Plain Basmati Rice – delicious!

And yes, boys, you can serve all these with loads of ice cold beers…!

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