Papa's Day Brekkie

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Friday, 06 June 2014

Papa's Day Brekkie

I'll start my fella's day by getting the kids cooking 'Papa' a wonderful breakfast with an Indian twist. So before they can burst into our bedroom and wake him up, I'll take them quietly to the kitchen to get cracking.

So here are three really simple dishes I know papa - and just as importantly, the children - will love. In fact, the kids have already decided that they're going to make Aloo Parantha. This mixture of fried roti bread with spicy hash browns is a classic Indian breakfast and one our household just adore. I'll have already boiled the potatoes the night before so they're all ready to spice up. The kids are great at doing this bit, although by the time I look over to see how they're doing, most of the spicy spuds have somehow disappeared....

My kids love to roll out the breads and there is a certain amount of delicacy needed to keep the stuffing inside. But it is their breakfast for papa and this is a great way for them to learn to be careful (for once!). I then get them chopping mushrooms, tomatoes, spring onions and coriander while I finely slice the onions and chillies for the Ande di Purji, or Indian scrambled eggs.

This is another of Jeremy's favourites and I still remember the first time my mum cooked it for us. He couldn't believe that something so simple could taste so amazing and for him it was a game changer as far as home-cooked food went.

I'm sure by now the children's interest in cooking/working/not watching cartoons will be starting to wain. So I'll send them upstairs to jump on their father with their homemade cards while I finish up and make some hot, Sweet Chai.

This is a fantastic way to complete your Indian breakfast. The combination of the warming spiced food and the sweetness of the tea that oozes a light fennel scent is something I rave about all the time. Together, they leave a tingle on your tongue that just makes you want more and the zing of chilli sets you up for the day. I know it might sound a bit strange, but I promise you, it is a marriage of taste that's lasted for generations in India. And it's an amazing cure for a fuzzy night-before head too!

As I place the lime pickle (yep, for breakfast) on the table, the flurry of excited children and a happy papa come in to enjoy an English tradition topped off with some lovely Indian food.

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