Licensed to Grill

To celebrate the 18th National BBQ week, here's my taste of Indian summer cooking.

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Licensed to Grill

There is nothing like cooking outdoors and during the summer I love to make the most of the sunshine. My beloved Tandoor oven takes pride of place in my garden and I love nothing better than getting my family and friends round for a big summer barbecue – Indian-style of course! Don't worry you don't need a Tandoor oven for my recipes, any barbecue works just as well.

There are so many ways to liven up your barbecue cooking so lets move away from the same old burnt sausages and soggy salads. Here are some ideas to give your outdoor summer cooking the taste it deserves and make your next BBQ one to remember!

Tandoori Chicken

It's a crime in my book to serve under-spiced (and often undercooked!) chicken on the BBQ. My Tandoori chicken is a firm-favourite at any of my gatherings. The chicken can be prepared in advance and will definitely add a zing to your barbi. If you are catering for vegetarians, they'll love my Tandoori Paneer which can be pre-prepared too.

Lamb Kebabs

Stay away from the usual frozen burgers and sausages and make up a batch of my delicious Lamb kebabs beforehand and then stick them on the BBQ when your guests arrive. They are delicious served with a crisp salad all tucked into a pitta pocket with a spicy mint chutney.

Lemon Rice

My lemon rice is summer in a bowl. It's citrusy flavour works amazingly well with the combination of nuts and spices to create a dish that all your guests will love (and it's really easy to make too). I always use Tilda Basmati rice, nothing else will do in my book! My lemon rice complements any barbecue fare but what's great is that even on its own it's fresh and fun to eat. 

Spiced Potato Stuffed Peppers

If you asked me to name one dish that reminded me of summer, it would be these delicious peppers stuffed with a spiced potato filling. Once again, they can be prepared in advance and I love the smoky taste that the BBQ brings out in the peppers – simply gorgeous!

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