Indian Mains

Where do I start? If I were to write a list of my family’s favourite Indian main courses I don’t think it would ever end! There are so many dishes to choose from and so many different ways of cooking each one. So allow me to take you on a guided tour of my approach to great Indian food.

When deliberating Indian main dishes, your first decision is whether to base your meal around your favourite vegetables, meat or fish. Once you’ve established the foundation of your dish, the world is your oyster (…or chicken, or potato…whatever you choose!).

You could try knocking up a creamy curry, fragrant biryani, a spicy Dhal or even a side of dry-fried spiced fish.

Have a click through my pages and find your favourite Indian mains and while you’re there, why not have a look at the starters, sides, drinks and desserts too? Together we can turn your meal into an enticing feast for you family and friends to enjoy with you.

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Hari Ghotra