Curries are of course synonymous with spice. They’re integral to the dish and one of the main reasons it’s so popular all over the world. Luckily not every type of curry is as hot as a vindaloo. There’s plenty of scope for those who aren’t after a meal that leads them fanning their mouth and looking for the nearest glass of water.

There’s still plenty of choice if you’re after a medium or medium hot Indian curry. That’s the great thing about Indian cuisine: variety. Generally speaking you can always find something that matches your taste. To help you out I’ve put together a list of curries for those who want something in the middle. If a Korma is too mild, and a Vindaloo is too much, you’ve come to the right place.

So, if a medium Indian curry is more your style, take a look at the recipes below. I hope you enjoy them!

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Hari Ghotra