Cook an Indian Dinner for your Valentine

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Tuesday, 07 February 2017

Cook an Indian Dinner for your Valentine

February 14th has long been marked the day of luurrvvee. Yes, this a day to celebrate with the person that you have chosen to be with. And, what better way to celebrate than by cooking something that they’re guaranteed to love?

Cooking a romantic meal shows that you have really put some thought behind the day, as well as making a true effort to show your feelings.

Now, Indian food may not be everyone’s first choice for Valentine's Day, but believe me, it is full of ingredients to get the blood pumping.

Whether it’s through heat-inducing chillies or aromatic spices, certain elements of Indian cooking are known for their aphrodisiac effects. Just have a read of this to get you in the mood!

So, are you looking to get a bit spicy and impress your partner? Luckily, I have put together a couple of meal plans for a Valentine’s Day with a difference.

Keeping it simple:

If you’re not too confident in the kitchen, or not so great with handling spice, then this is a simple menu that is packed full of punchy flavours. Trust me: it will definitely impress!

It’s also really simple to cook, so you won’t be confined to the kitchen for the whole night.

I would recommend that you cook the curry the night before and pre-marinade the lamb. The strawberries can be prepared a few hours before, but cook your rice fresh.

The whole meal should take no more than an hour or two to prepare.

Starter: Pudina Lamb Cutletspudina cutlets blog

Lamb cutlets are fairly expensive, but they are delicious and tender and only take minutes to cook.

All you need to do is marinade them with this wonderful vinegar-based marinade and these chops will instantly be given a delicious twist.


Main: Easy Chicken Curry easy chicken curry blog

Sound simple? Well, it is. A perfectly cooked chicken curry is a thing of beauty. This recipe is all about providing you with a few shortcuts to make a classic, delicately spiced curry.


Side: Plain Riceplain basmati rice blog

Wonderfully fluffy rice with this dish is a must. I have an easy-to-follow video, which will help you get your rice perfect every time.


Dessert: Strawberry Dipped in Chilli Chocolatestawberry dipped blog

You simply must have pudding on Valentine’s Day, and what’s better than juicy ripe strawberries dipped in dark chocolate? Plus, I have added a little chilli to my chocolate to spice things up. This is certainly an aphrodisiac overload and perfectly suited to the occasion.


Pushing the boat out: 

If you really want to cook something a little more challenging, then try this slightly more complex menu.

Again, these dishes have been specifically designed for full flavour and to add that spicy twist to your Valentines celebrations.


Drink: Mango BelliniMango Bellini blog

First, set the scene with a mango Bellini. All you have to do is blitz some fresh mango and pour over some bubbles. Spectacularly simple!


Starter: Malahi Tikka malahi tikka blog

A gentle start to your meal, the tender chicken can be marinated the night before in a light creamy marinade. Ideally, add a nice, tangy mint chutney to beautifully finish the starter.


Main: Slow Cooked Lamb Shankslamb shank blog

I would recommend cooking the shanks a day before, as they need to be cooked slowly and on a low heat so that the meat is tender and the flavours penetrate the shanks.


Side 1: Jeera Aloojeera aloo blog

A fantastic quick and easy side dish that’s fragrant and fresh to taste.


Side 2: Zafrani Pilau Ricezafrani rice blog 

This is a decadent way to serve rice… perfect for valentine’s day.


Side 3: Naan Breadnaan blog

To save time, make your dough the night before. Then, whilst your rice is cooking, roll out the dough and cook.


Dessert: Chilli Chocolate Potschilli chocolate pots blog

Chocolate is a must for Valentine’s Day and these luscious, creamy desserts are perfect. Again, I would make these beforehand. Simply serve with a strawberry…and some whipped cream!


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