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Chickpeas grow in tropical or subtropical regions and come from a seed pod containing two or three peas. They are a legume which is popular in Indian, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cooking.


Using Chickpeas in Indian Cooking

You can buy chickpeas pre-cooked in cans or dried. When using them dried they must be soaked overnight.

Most people don't realise that there are different types of chickpea the most common in the white chickpea there are also black and green chickpea's. It is very versatile and in some countries they grind chickpeas to make deserts as well.

Chickpeas are used as a bean in a number of curry dishes either in a sauce or dry in dray masala powder. Gram flour or besan is made from dried ground chickpeas and is used widely in Indian cooking. Gram flour is used to make batter for pakora and bhaji's, as a thickener and even to make Kharee which is a yoghurt based curry. As a flour it is also suitable for those who are intolerant to gluten.


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