Indian Recipes with Chicken

Us Brits are used to getting two main meat options for our curry: chicken or lamb. But what you may be surprised by is that the trend developed over here - there aren’t too many authentically Indian chicken dishes. This is because around a third of Indians are vegetarian.

However, in recent years chicken has become a lot more popular in India, for one simple reason - it’s so good in a curry! The great thing about Indian chicken dishes is that the meat has a fairly neutral flavour which doesn’t interfere too much with the complex spicing of the dish.

For a saucy curry I always recommend using thigh meat, as it naturally pulls apart when it’s braised slowly in the sauce – always cook it on the bone to get the most flavour. For kebabs like chicken tikka use breast as it keeps its bite a bit more once cooked.

If you’re searching for an Indian chicken curry recipe, look no further. Here are some of my own authentic recipes.

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Hari Ghotra