Indian Recipes with Lamb

Lamb is the most popular red meat eaten in India, mainly because the cow is sacred and so eating beef is considered a grave sin throughout most of the country.

Indian lamb dishes are reserved mainly for special occasions, so most lamb recipes are quite opulent and contain the more expensive spices like star anise.

My personal favourite lamb dish is Keema – a rich and spicy minced lamb and pea curry that’s kind of the Indian answer to Chilli Con Carne. It’s a traditional Punjabi dish and probably one of the most common Indian lamb recipes used in real Indian homes. I like to serve it with Roti wraps, rice and chutney – basically an Indian burrito!

When making Indian lamb curry with chunks of meat rather than mince you should usually braise the meat in the sauce for a good few hours. I find that these make an excellent choice for slow cooker recipes.

Browse below for my delicious Indian lamb recipes.

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Hari Ghotra