Indian Recipes with Vegetables

If you’re looking for an Indian vegetable curry you’ve come to the right place! Many of my family are vegetarian, so I have worked hard over the years to perfect my vegetable curries.

Around a third of Indians do not eat meat at all and the rest reserve it mainly for special occasions. This means that Indian vegetable curry is not at all hard to find. Curries are made with loads of different vegetables and pulses as their main ingredient, from okra and aubergine to lentils and chickpeas.

Indian cuisine uses vegetables in more ways than any other in the world. As well as curries, vegetables are used in starters to make delicious fried snacks like Bhajis and Pakoras. They’re used to make a variety of delicious spicy and mild chutneys and dips. They’re even used as a stuffing for delicious tandoori baked breads like Parantha.

Check out my delicious Indian vegetable dishes below.

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Hari Ghotra