Restaurant Style Dishes

Most people feel pretty reluctant to try cooking Indian food themselves at home. This isn’t really surprising - after all, Indian cooking is very different to the kind we’re used to in the west, using a variety of foreign techniques and ingredients.

I also blame the pre-cooked sauces you find at the supermarket. Let’s face it, they never taste the same as a good old fashioned curry house takeaway! This only adds to the belief that restaurant style Indian recipes are just too tough to try.

I’ve got a secret to tell you...Indian food isn’t as hard as you might think! With my restaurant style recipes you can work your way from easy dishes like Bombay Aloo and Tandoori Chicken all the way up to advanced dishes like Chicken Korma and Pork Vindaloo.

Nowadays, most of the ingredients you need can be found in your local supermarket, but if you’re struggling I sell all the spices you need in my online shop.

Check out my Indian restaurant style recipes below.

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Hari Ghotra