Winter Recipe Ideas

When the colder months roll in and the time comes to whip out my favourite winter recipes, it’s hard to stifle the glowing smile that creeps across my face. For me, there’s nothing quite like snuggling in for the night with a rich and fiery curry, served with fluffy, aromatic rice.

I love to experiment with a host of seasonal vegetables and mix in my favourite spices to create a comforting bowl of homemade joy. From pumpkin to butternut squash, cauliflower to carrot, the range of succulent winter vegetables you can cook with at this time of year is just mouth-watering.

You can help stave off winter illness with a spicy curry, and get your blood pumping with some tasty fragrant rice. Those long winter dinner parties will go off with a bang if you serve up a delicious array of healthy and comforting dishes.

Why not sift through my bundle of warming winter recipes to find your rainy day inspiration? Dull weather does not mean dull food!

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Hari Ghotra